I'm Paul, I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and now live in North London. 

I have always had a passion for movement, philosophy and martial arts. I have trained in Eskrima under Tabimina Balintawak, as well as Yaw-Yan, kickboxing, Western boxing, Jeet Kune Do Philippines with Master Joey Perico.

I began teaching others in 2001 and developed my own, original method of teaching in 2009, Fluid Tactics. I have incorporated my wide-ranging knowledge of martial arts to form a unique training that is based on stress-induced movement utilising close range fighting, to enhance an individual's reactions, natural response and situational awareness.


My sessions are 1h 30m and based in Bruce Grove, North London. 

One on One   | £65 total   |  1 or 2 people 

Small Group | £25 per person | Min 3 - Max 5 people



Fluid Tactics is a martial art that utilizes motion & self connection to create effective responses to threat and stress. 

Training is based on close ranged, bare hand or weapon based movements, Filipino Martial Arts & Jeet Kune Do concepts to enhance flexibility, strength & speed.

Fluid Tactics shows the possibility of seamless motion through the natural responses of each individual. The intention is not only to learn the physical aspect of martial arts, but also to create a bond between the mind, spirit, and body.