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1hr 30m |  £95 (House Visit) 

Neuromuscular Therapy is the ideal way to help bodies heal in between training. 

It is a form of Filipino non-intrusive holistic massage that addresses and releases muscle spasms across the whole body. I can help you to recover from both new and old injuries, as well as chronic pain. 

House visits are available at an additional cost.

I have experienced chronic hip and back pain for as long as I can remember. In a short amount of time, Paul has begun to heal me and as a result, my exercise routine and daily life have much improved!


Rachel Lepley, 2019

I have had pain and tightness in my legs and lower back for months and after only a few sessions with Paul I can see and feel a difference in my range of motion! His deep knowledge of the body is very clear, I will definitely be returning for future treatments.


Ben McAlpine, 2018

My right shoulder have been having tightness and pain for the last two years from doing various strenuous activities like rock climbing, football, and gym exercises. With just two sessions with Paul he's got me almost as good as new. Looking forward to my next few sessions to loosen those muscles.


Jorge Tonda, 2018

I’ve had problems with my neck and lower back for many years and have tried lots of different therapies, getting short term relief. Paul has helped to get my muscles to a point that I’m now able to strengthen them and I’m almost pain free.


Louise Hurry, 2017

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